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About Us

Established in 2007, ArrowSol8 began as an outsourcing recruitment firm and has over the years grown to offer outsourcing services in multiple sectors. In the past decade, ArrowSol8 has created a network of call centres and vendors from across the globe giving them the leverage to provide feasible solutions.

Today, ArrowSol8 works with individuals and companies from USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Philippines, Russia and Brazil just to name a few. The synergy that ArrowSol8 has created in the past fourteen years between resources and clients has transformed the modus operandi of the outsourcing industry.

ArrowSol8’s success lies in understanding the need of the client and providing tailor made solutions which are not only effective but also economical.

The commitment to success is also backed with a strong quality assurance structure and technical expertise which makes ArrowSol8 standout from the rest in the industry. As the world grows smaller and technology progresses, ArrowSol8 will keep developing new and innovative solutions which benefits its clients as it sets new standards in the industry.

Years Of

We work collectively with the clients to help build feasibility for their project to make it understand and crystal clear how they can lower their expenditure and get the best result possible.

Having the best teams with extensive knowledge in the outsourcing industry we help our client design and making it suitable for them as well as the company which should work on the project

Having hundreds of call centres working under contract with ArrowSol8 across the globe with one of the best people ready to be set onto another challenging project. ArrowSol8 helps its clients have their project completed where they deem fit.

ArrowSol8 provides our clients with the appropriate tools to keep a keen eye on the quality and the distance their project has traveled, giving them exact calculations for the remaining time to be taken by their project

What We Do

Inbound Services:

Catalog or Online Sales
Order Taking
Order Entry
Message Taking
Appointment Setting
Handling requests for information or catalogs
Event scheduling
Scheduling sales demos
Answering Service
Customers service, custom technical support
Help Desk Services
Customer Relationship Management
After-hours Support

Outbound Services:

Telemarketing Lead Management

Insurance Service:
  • Application Processing
  • Policy Administration
  • Claims Adjustment
  • Claims Processing
Health Care Services:
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Claims Filing
  • Medical Coding
  • Medical Transcription
Legal Services:
  • Legal Coding
  • Legal Documentation
  • Legal Transcription

Why Choose ArrowSol8


Rao Abdulwahid
Managing Director
Mark Sullivan
Head Call Centre Operations
Lilith Chu
Human Resources
AbdulRehman Hameed
Django Full Stack Developer
Saif Ullah
Frontend Developer

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